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Standard Cooking Universities Starting Among The Biggest Adventures Of Your Career*

In this article, Cherie Soria shares on going from winning a cooking contest to embracing a raw food lifestyle. Cherie Soria teaches raw food "cooking" classes and is the author of The Raw Food Revolution Diet.

Suppose you always wanted to go to culinary school and never did. Cookware and kitchenware are great product niches for a person with those interests.

Within all the above info lies a first rate list of reasons in favor of create your meal plans while you are going through your personal chef training. What do You think?

Teacher Style: Ask if they teach "the craft", the technique to Thai cuisine as many schools instruct their teacher not to take the time to impart this to you as it is time consuming.

Being a personal chef is something that should be seriously considered. It is very different from the exciting world of the restaurant's kitchen. It's more relaxed, however, involves careful planning, a lot of knowledge and hard work and dedication. It requires the best skills of a chef, for most cases, the chef works alone. He buys the ingredients restaurant equipment for the meals, do the cutting and cutting, cooking food, washing utensils and cleaning the kitchen. For some it's like starting from scratch. For others it is a test of patience and skill.

On a family style Chianti cooking school tour for five nights, you can stay in a family's beautifully renovated farm house in a hill top hamlet in "at a friend's home" style rooms. With the daughter you cook five multi course lunches in their big kitchen with magnificent views over herb gardens, roses, olive trees and vineyards. At noon every day you gather around their dining table with your cooking teacher and her charming 80ish dad.

Gordon Ramsay may be best known to many as the screaming, cursing, frightening Chef Ramsay on "Hell's Kitchen". Ramsay's persona between the two shows is very different. There is no screaming, no cursing (usually), and no fright from him on "MasterChef" that could even compare to "Hell's Kitchen". Although Ramsay seems to have a tamed down approach to judging the home cooks, he can still get a little gnarly at times. For this, we see him as "the in between" judge on "MasterChef".

A nice bottle of wine and a home cooked meal with her favorite tunes played in the background while you eat. Make the dessert something decadent that she doesn't often have but really enjoys.

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